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Location at Hylands Park

1-2 hour portrait session

Editing & retouching

All high & low resolution images

Watermark free

Password protected online gallery

Online digital downloads


If you are looking for relaxed, natural moments on your wedding day, than I recommend a pre-wedding portrait session.  The importance of building a good connection with myself does mean better photos. The portrait session allows you to gain a better understanding of how I work, build a stronger relationship with myself and allow you to feel even more comfortable on the big day.

What to Wear

Portrait sessions take place outside and my most popular location is the natural surroundings of Hylands Park in Chelmsford. You will want to wear clothes that compliment the season and surroundings.



Wellies, wooly hats and jumpers. Layers are important too as you might get too hot or cold and need to take a layer off or on.



Chunky knits make for a lovely textural detail, autumnal and warm winter colours such as light greys, creams and rusts can work wonders against a duller background.


floaty dresses and chinos for the guys can add to that perfect summer look. Key colours for summer are pastels and lighter tones, that will stand out against a more vivid and bright background.

Do not pick bold prints or tops with logos, you're the focus, not the brand.

Pick simple, timeless outfits, not something that is a fad trend. You want to still love the photos in 10 years time and not be horrified by your wardrobe choice.

I personally hate ironing but it does pay off in the photos, so give it a go if needed.

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