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Booking your Wedding Videographer Last Minute!

Offering both wedding photography and videography is a great benefit to my clients but not everyone takes it up! Everyone wants it but not everyone is confident their budget will stretch, especially when photography is normally booked early in the wedding planning process, when they have so many other suppliers they need to book.

When a wedding couple mentions videography but is not 100% comfortable on adding it to their package, it is normally because of budget. I am not a heavy sales person and I'll never push a couple into making a decision on the spot, but what I will start to do now, is direct them to this blog post! :)

I don't think it's uncommon for couples to add videography last on their to-do list, hoping they will have some money left over to then book their videographer. As long as they have the photographer, videography it's a bonus! Right? I can guarantee if you are thinking of videography as a possible option, you will panic when the time comes and you realise its a must-have and you're then trying to find someone last minute.


With the current covid restrictions, weddings have be postpone by a year or two years, allowing couples to increase their wedding budget and put down a deposit for videography. The problem is, that's what everyone else is doing! So again, you've left it too late!

How much should I spend on videography?

You should book a videographer that has a similar quality and style to your photographer, therefore expect to pay a similar price if not more. For example, if you booked a photographer at £1500 and a videographer at £600, both for full day coverage. I can guarantee the quality and style will not be the same. It's also likely they will work differently on the day, increasing the likelihood of missed shots and opportunities for both of them.


It's common knowledge that wedding coupes regret not having a videographer, if you have thought about videography then take my advice and book early. Make sure your photographer and videographer match in quality and style. You will regret it even more if you don't!

For details on photography and videography prices click here


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